Before we start, I'll tell you this. These are just guidelines. You want something a little different, you just shout, it's YOUR day.
Also, I won't be tapping my watch, ever. I'm there to capture the good stuff, the spontaneous stuff, and that means going with the flow. If mum starts busting out Tina Turner moves after the first dance, you KNOW I'm not packing that camera away.

Package 1

Bride prep to first dance
Approx 400-600 images on disk


Package 2

Ceremony to first dance
Approx 200-400 images on disk


Package 3

Ceremony, followed by portraits
Approx 100-200 images on disk



Families & Portraits

I'll custom quote for these. Need a ballpark? Family of four can expect to pay about £80 to £120 for a session.


Get in touch

I cover the greater Devon, Somerset & Cornwall area, UK. 
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