You have your wedding photos, now what?

Remember. Your wedding photos are part of legacy. You have invested in them. They are valuable to the point of being invaluable. Ergo - they need to be taken care of. The average wedding photographer will only keep your files for one year. Even during this period it is never wise to rely on this as your failsafe, because once you have them, they are 100% your responsibility. 

 Here are my recommended options for looking after your treasured memories and making sure you can access them for years to come.

Back up your wedding photos, physically

You will receive your images on a USB stick. This thumb-sized device is perfect when it comes to delivering them to you in a user-friendly and accessible format. When it comes to preserving them for generations? Not so much. 

Before you get your images, order yourself two external hard drive to store them on. 

When your USB arrives copy (ALWAYS copy – NEVER move) the images onto your laptop or computer itself. Hey presto, that is two locations. Then connect your hard drives one by one and once again copy all the files from your computer, onto the two drives. Just like that, 4 locations.

A general rule of thumb is that it is the more places your images live, the less likely you are to lose them.

Keep 1 drive at home, in a safe place, preferably in a room you don’t usually keep your laptop in. Then, take the second to a safe second location, like your mum or best friend’s house or the office.

I like this one, and use it myself when I travel and for off site backups. It’s pricey, but it can withstand knocks, and apparently rain and crushing pressure too – not that I’m in a hurry to test it out!

Back up your wedding photos

Buy yours here: Lacie Rugged

Cloud storage for wedding photos 

If you are already one of my clients, and you haven’t backed your images up to the cloud, I want you to stop everything right now and sign up for some cloud storage. Not only will your images be safe, but they will be instantly accessible to you – wherever you are. (Hello smug personalised anniversary gifts pulled together at the last minute)

Note: The pixieset online galleries I load are only usually live for a month, so don’t rely on them as your mobile access point past this point.


Cloud storage for your wedding photos is also massively affordable, with iCloud offering 50GB for just £0.79 a month. 

Not into Apple vibes – fret not. Amazon offers Unlimited photo storage for Prime members for £79 a year.

My research for this post took me to a site called Backblaze, which allows you to back up your entire Mac or PC  (unlimited storage) for just $5 a month – including your external hard drives! No brainer! I really like that it will cover everything you have, not just your wedding photography.

Print them out.

Make an album, make a book, do what Florence and Ryan did and plaster your staircase wall with the story of your day. Printing out your wedding pics is not a strong enough solution by itself but I do know that physical photographs of people we love tend to stick around  - who could throw them away! - and future generations will love looking at them. I definitely love looking through family albums whenever I go to visit my parents and grandparents.

If you want a custom album done for your anniversary or Valentine’s day – drop me a line – I’m always happy to help.

Big love,

Kat xx