This day was the very definition of beachy boho botanical bliss. Katie and Laurence’ big day was on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Bantham and Bigbury Beach, wildflowers on wooden tables, dreamcatchers swaying gently in the sea breeze, a violet tulle skirt and an embroidered bodice, man oh man this day was styled to perfection. Relaxed, elegant and carefree. However, what took their day to the next level is something I like more than I even like a flower crown (and you know I love a flower crown) - an incredible crew. Some familiar faces for me (much hugging and high fiving) and some new ones - but down to the last person you guys were just plain incredible to be around, thank you so much. It’s not every day you get to witness a best man joke used for the very first time, see Jon Snow log roll, watch a man called Pickle make wine disappear, and meet a Father Mike who has a hot wife, and a talent for swear words, but none for languages.)

Pizza: Gastrobus
Music: The Busketeers
Bouquet and Flower Crown: Odds and Buds