I'm going to go ahead and call this blog post Beauty and the Beast.  It's Saturday 0303 and Devon is in the grips of a cold, white hand. As of Friday 0203, every supplier, every guest, and even the couple themselves weren't sure we would pull this off. The feeling of seeing the gorgeous Michaela walk down the aisle after everything that unfolded, will stay with me forever - as will the look on Marcus' face when he saw her.

So, Michaela is the Beauty, and their love story too. But there is another type of beauty here. The way people helped each other, and came together when things weren't easy was something special.

To the North Devon photography community, who had my back and were ready to step in at a moments notice, thank you. Sophia Veres, you are something special, Jamie Bott too. 

This day, and these photos, are a reminder that even in the coldest of times - there is always light, there is always warmth and best of all - there is love.

PS: Also - there were BUMPER CARS and it was AWESOMMMMEEEE

Venue: The Old Barn & Milky Way Adventure Park  (The team here give new meaning to going above and beyond)

A few of y'all wanted some pics, just right click and save below x