Every night I'll kiss you you'll say in my ear
Oh we're in love aren't we?
Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby
I feel safe when you're holding me near
Love the way that you conquer your fear
You know hearts don't break around here…

- Ed Sheeran

I’ve just put a song in your head, and I’m not even sorry. Want to know why? Because for the rest of my days this song will remind me of the type of love I got to witness the day Hannah and Jack got married. They’ve been hand in hand for a decade, not loosening their grip once but tightening it through every season. Man oh man, and when Jack sung into Hannah’s ear for the first dance… let’s just say I was grateful to the velvety dark corner I was shooting from - composure is overrated, right?!

Thanks for lighting the way you guys xx

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