My mum has been begging me from mid Summer to share this wedding, she wants to see Flo and Jo for herself. Why can’t she cope? Here’s why.

When Flo rounded the corner and saw her man waiting for her at the top of the aisle she couldn’t contain her emotions, and she did something I’ll remember until I am a little old camera lady.

“Jo, WHAT ARE WE DOING!?” She yelled.

The room went wild, everywhere I pointed my lens people were laughing and crying. Jo never took his eyes off her, he just nodded and smiled while she kept walking.

Then Flo yelled “Jo, I’m SCARED.” Even those who had managed to hold back the river lost it right about here (including me). Because you know what? Marriage is big, it is beautiful, but it takes so much courage to take that step - and that includes all of the steps down the aisle.

Flo kept walking. Her man held her so, so tight when she got to him, and even through the streaked viewfinder I could see she wasn’t scared anymore.

Oh, Love, my favourite drug x

Venue: Dillington House

This was my first Dillington wedding, and I was blown away. Not only is it gorgeous but it is run to perfection. Thank you for everything x