Definition Pluviophile(n). a lover of rain;someone who finds joy during rainy days.

Turns out, I'm a pluviophile. Big time.

Dear Blanche and Dean. I know it wasn't the best thing in the world that the heavens opened and the winds raged throughout your wedding day, especially considering part of the day involved crossing open water boiling with 16ft swells in a small small boat. But smooth seas don't make skilful sailors, nor do they make good stories.

What a treat it was watching everyone pile into the sanctuary and warmth of the Cawsands Congregational Church, shaking shining drops of water from their hair and laughing at their briny adventure. My heart smiled again at the care and friendship evident in best man Nassim's efforts to keep Blanche dry on her way inside. The church itself is perched on a rocky outcrop projecting out into the wild ocean, so while Blanche and Dean took their vows it felt like we were the only people in the world, an eye of love and laughter at the centre of a veritable tempest - and my heart grew three sizes just getting to be there. 

So yes, it rained. But when I look at these, I don't see puddles. I see the way Dean looks at Blanche, and the way she can't look at him without her face lighting up so.darn.bright... who needs that pesky sun anyway.

Hair: Layla Smith

Food GLORIOUS food: Prime Cafe